Mcx 8000 distortion problem, volume lowering no bpm

Good morning, I used denon mcx 8000 many times and never gave me any problems. Yesterday after 2 hours of work at some point gain started to cause problems (distortion and automatic volume decrease and did not mark bpm of the track) what do I recommend? do I have to upgrade the firmware? Thanks in advance

You only update the firmware if you don’t have the latest version installed. Updating firmware is not a replacement for troubleshooting so state some more info so support can help you (you havent even mentioned are you using standalone playback or SDJ, file formats, etc…basics ffs)

Good morning, I try to be precise and tell you what happened. I start by saying that it uses mcx 8000 with PC Windows 10 file mp3 software serato

I try to be precise and tell you what happened. I start by saying that it uses mcx8000 with a PC with Windows 10 operating system, which I use exclusively with this controller. Mp3 and mp3 software. No standalone and no other devices were connected to the controller and no internet was connected even with wi-fi. Last night I used the controller for about 2 hours without any problems. At some point I started hearing a slight distortion from the monitor case. Then the volume decreased slightly, thinking it was the track I raised in gain of the channel I used but did not respond. Then suddenly the volume increased automatically and lowered again on its own. I noticed that it did not make me choose the songs. So to load them manually from PC. The tracks even though they did not load completely to load them, had to press the cue key several times. By the way, it does not even indicate the bpm of the track indicating zero bpm. This has happened while I use the right channel. After this episode, all the controls were inhibited. I reset the controller by switching it off and on again … it worked for about a minute and then the same problems are re-displayed. Can you tell me what to do? I no longer turn on the controller waiting for your directions before doing so.