Mc7000 no sound


When i connect my Denon MC7000 and my Macbook pro, everything seems to be normal, until you put your heaset on and try to increase the volume by the volume knob.

No sound is coming out, the led jogwheels seems fine, the serato is running like nothing is happening. If you restart the controller and switch from deck 1 - 2 to deck 3 - 4, everything works fine.

If you remove the usb cable and plug it on a windows pc, everything works fine.

Hi @demetris86

Thank you for raising this with us, I’d recommend contacting our Global Support team to see how this can be resolved for you:

UK Support Direct:

thanks J

Hello ,

I am trying to submit my form to denon support, and the only that i get is “An error occurred while processing your form. Please try again later.”

Sorry to hear this, try UK Support Direct: