MC7000 is clipping my microphones

Hey folks I need some help here. The Denon mc7000 is clipping my microphone. Unless a guest holds it completely up to their mouths and talks loudly it keeps dropping out. I’ve tried both microphone one and two and I’ve also tried Wireless and hard wired microphones and the controller does the same thing. I need some help here I’m currently sitting at a gig

Not sure what you mean by clipping (in audio a term usually referred to too loud signals that start to distort by flattening the tops of sine waves) in this case.

Can you be a little more precise?

Did you over get to the bottom of this problem with the mics? My MC7000 does exactly the same thing. If I talk into it loudly it sounds like it should. If someone is speaking into the mic from a few inches away (giving a toast), it sounds like it is “breaking up” or “dropping out”, but it’s not. I believe that the attenuation is kicking in unless you really project into the mic. It’s really bad with lapel microphones (unusable). I feel like it all started after the firmware update, but I could be mistaken. Regardless, I have this problem and need to get it fixed asap.

If you are running the latest firmware then you can set the mic attenuation level to stop this happening.

yes. on my past mixers it didnt matter where the master gain was set as there was no mic clipping. I’ve found that on the MC7000, if you drop the master way down and pot the mic channel way up it will not cut out. This works great for all the wedding speeches. Then I readjust when I go back to playing music because when I speak on the mic I do it loud enough that there is no drop out.

I do have the latest firmware. I have the attenuation set to off (near as I can tell). It’s set so that the LED is not showing at all. It’s still happening. I really don’t want to take this in for repair, as I think it’s a firmware issue. I don’t recall it doing this before the update (when it had “hot mics”). Of course, my warranty expired in December, so now I have a $1000.00 brick. Not sure what to do.

Firstly, please do make sure you have the latest MC7000 firmware and if the issue persists, please reach out to our US tech support team and they will assist directly with you Thanks Paul

Try adjusting the setting the other way. “Attenuation off” would be letting the mic signal come into the MC7000 at its loudest possible level

I will try it out the other way. The default setting definitely didn’t work for me. I have a gain control on my mic receiver so I’ve never had a problem with the “hot mics”. Just the attenuation kicking in and causing it to sound as if it’s dropping out. May revert back to the old firmware long enough to see if it helps. I did reach out to Denon by phone. They told me they’d never heard of the problem and to send it out for service. Of course, my warranty expired in December.

The settings in the firmware should take the input volume down far enough so you don’t get clipping.

Another option is to add an attenuator to your mic cable. sontronics make a very good one that I used for ages until the MCX8000 got built in attenuation.

I’m definitely not getting any clipping. That’s not the issue. It’s that the controller is trying to mute the microphones if they are right up against your mouth. Makes it really hard for someone giving a toast or using a lapel microphone for a ceremony. That’s why I turned the attenuation off…but it sounds like it is still trying to attenuate.

Attenuation brings the input volume down. You need the attenuation on to limit the signal going from the mic to the controller.

Again it depends on the quality of your mic and if someone is putting too much volume in to it of course it will limit somewhere to stop any damage.

What type of microphones are giving you this issue exactly?

Definitely no clipping on the mics at all. Definitely not a mic quality issue. I use a Shure Beta 58 wireless series and a Shure SM58 wired as well. Both mics do it on both channels. My mic channels aren’t too “hot”, even with the attenuation turned all the way off. It’s not distortion at all, it’s the exact sound of a mic “dropping” out as if it’s not in range if a person holds it too far from their mouth. I’m not talking holding it down by their belly button, I’m talking the normal distance that a smart person would hold a mic when offering a toast. It’s not dropouts though. The controller seems to be trying to mute anything that’s not directly and loudly spoken into the mic. It’s fine for the way a DJ speaks, but not so much for someone offering a toast with the mic a few inches from their face, or for a lav mic (nightmare). It senses that there is no input and it sounds like it’s muting the mic. It’s essentially exactly what the OP was talking about. I’m not sure where he/she got with the problem, which is why I posted here.

Is the drop heard in the middle of a sentence or only ever at the beginning and/or end of a sentence?