MC6000mk2 stuck on thru mode on deck one

Just got Serato and the moment I tried to use it I found that Deck One is stuck on Thru mode and the cross fader isn’t in use at all. (I have checked that all channels are going to PC already) I have tried this with both Windows and Mac to no avail. Would anybody know what could be going on?

Dodgy switch on the front panel?

Double check your hardware crossfader settings on the MC6000 itself.

If it’s a dodgy switch and the repair isn’t simple then I will have to take this thing back from where I got it which would be unfortunate.

The good news is that I got the fader dealt with, but it’s still stuck on thru mode. If I can’t get this dealt with by noon EST tomorrow then I will have to take this back for a refund sadly even though I would prefer not to as this is actually a pretty good piece of hardware.

Ok … as a test, ditch Serato for the moment …

Plug in a real music source into the red/white phono sockets on the back and test the crossfader switch functionality … for the test, use A CD player, the audio out from a DVD/Blu-Ray player or anything and see if that allows the crossfader and its switches to behave correctly.

The switch isn’t behaving correctly and there are some signs that the controller was tampered with before I received it so I have returned it and will be purchasing this brand spanking new as aside from those issues what I did see of this controller is that it’s actually REALLY GOOD. If there are any good deals that would be very helpful.