MC6000MK2 bass dropping out channel 2

No Bass in channel 2 - rebooted - toggled input (line - pc) back and forth) and bass kicked in. Fine rest of event.

Happened again upon booting but toggling input didn’t work. Rebooted twice - no help - kept loading tunes into it - checked all cables in rear - finally kicked in for the rest of the event. Fortunately I have two computers but only one can be used with the controller functions. I take great care of my stuff and Im am NOT HAPPY WITH THIS CONTROLLER CURRENTLY.

As a full time Dj for 25 years you can’t perform high profile events with unreliable equipment

Hi @djeddiegene, sorry to hear this. I suggest contacting out global customer support for assistance and advice:

Regards J

Looks like they don’t support the mc6000mk2 at this site. Any other ideas? Can’t complete the inquiry form without a supported item with serial number.

Hi Eddie, please contact UK Support Direct:

I’ll look into the above.