MC4000 Left Platter working in reverse

Is there any fix for this? One day it just started doing everything in reverse. When you press the reverse Q button in Serato DJ or DJ Pro it goes forward.

Whats wrong? How to fit this?

Test with VDJ, if it’s normal there - you have a problem with SDJ.

Tried the Virtual DJ does the same thing, when you backspin on the platter it speeds up. When you spin forward it reverses… That looking like the hardware but how wouuld that happen with just a firmware upgrade?

Hey @Darrenad, this certainly doesn’t sound right. Could you please try re-installing the latest firmware ( and if the problem persists, please contact our support team:

Regards, J

Hi! Maybe I’m misunderstanding your problem but I think the same thing happened to me before Christmas. I was working with another DJ on Serato and suddenly the music he was trying to cue was playing in reverse. He had accidentally hit the “q” button on the keyboard while not in the search box and it put Serato into reverse mode. Just hitting the “q” button again returned normal function.