mc 7000 low volume when broadcast

need help cant get my broadcast to have normal volume everybody complain that volume is too low. thanks

Hello, I hope it helps you, what I recommend is to use an interface in this way you can attach the volume. I don’t know what software you are using if it is virtual or serato. I also don’t know that you use PC or Mac, but? Serato came out a new version, 2.40, this version came out with a new plug-in that you have to download that works with OBS streaming, it’s free, the plug is free, it’s for PC and Mac.

SERATO has just released a new version there is the plug-in for streaming.

Are you referring to the VAD (virtual audio device)? That’s nothing to do with Serato.

I find it quite disappointing that Serato DJ Pro has to rely on a VAD plugin and OBS to broadcast, when VDJ can do it standalone.

my question you use. virtual dj or do you use serato

Thanks for your help using virtual dj 2021 on pc laptop broadcasting on periscope

See here (USB output level):

can you please tell how to do that i all ready try pressing cue 2 and turning the jog but does not work thanks

I think you need to read it again. You should not be turning the jog wheel.

i got it to factory settings both usb lights are blinking, after that i press deck 2 cue by fade start control and turn select/load but does not work the light wont turn on to adjust the out put

What is the firmware version of your MC7000? This function was added in version 1.2.

When i try to update the firmware said that I’m up to date, thanks