MC 4000 with IOS and Djay pro?

Hi guys,

Is it possible to connect the MC4000 to ios (e.g. ipad pro) and use it as controller for Djay Pro? If yes, how can I connect the controller to the tablet, which cable do I need?

Thx in advance!

The 4000 is not supported by the App but is supported with a midi mapping for Djay Pro for Mac and Windows. I have not had success with the soundcard working for headphones and output on Windows but I imagine it is solid for Mac. If you try it on Windows let me know if you have success. I also had mapping issues in Windows with the faders and library controls.

Yes! it is possible and easy to make it ! I play in clubs and open air parts from iPad Pro and MC4000 But You need Also Djaypro on Mac to get mapping for iPad version

Algoriddim most working for MAcOs and iOS users, Windows support is ■■■■

I have just created an account to assure everyone that it is possible. I’ve been searching for days and I wanted to believe because on the algoriddim Homepage the Denon MC4000 is listed as compatible for ios and djay pro.

The solution (tomas303 mentioned it briefly)

What you need:

  • desired dj controller (see non-plug&play but compatible list on algoriddim homepage)
  • an ipad (mine is 5th gen and worked) with Djay pro app
  • a mac or pc with iTunes
  • the correct adapter for connecting your dj controller with your ipad (lightning to usb + lightning power connector combined in one dongle…45€ -_- )

Do the following:

  • Download the free trial version of Djay pro from the algoriddim homepage for mac or windows and run it
  • connect your controller to mac / pc
  • open settings and select your device
  • there is an option to dublicate the standard mapping (drop down menu) - do that, it’s necessary to extract the mapping
  • rename the new mapping from “Denon MC4000 edit” to “Denon MC4000” (again drop down menu)
  • go to the folder where the file is saved (you can use file search with keywords like “midimapping" or "MC4000”)
  • save that file somewhere you can access it easily
  • open iTunes and connect your iPad
  • go to your list of applications and select Djay Pro
  • you can drag and drop the file there (to the right side) or use the add file button beneath (yes, it’s that simple)
  • disconnect iPad and shutdown your pc or mac
  • reconnect your desired setup (mc4000 + ipad) with correct adapter (lightning to usb + lightning power connector combined in one dongle)
  • fire things up and start spinning

Share this information anywhere it might be needed so people like me don’t get lost for ages again and again. If you run into issues please post, comment, reply. I will check and help if possible.

Best of luck