Master volume too low! Cannot play with it!

I have a X1800 almost new, only used less than 20 times in tests in my store and now I have this problem, the master volume is too low, to ear something I have to put it in maximum and have sound distortion but at very low volume! Cannot be used to play! I have 1.2 firmware version, tested with XLR and RCA outputs, different cables, different studio monitors. It happens with all the input signals (usb, phono, line). The Cue signal in the headphones is okay, only the master volume is too low. I have limiter off and volume at 0dB. I made a reset to the mixer, tried to reinstall 1.2 firmware but nothing resolves it. Anyone have the same problem? Thanks for your help.

Has it ever worked differently?

Have you changed anything like channel gain input levels, line/phono switches, moved the crossfader (if you don’t usually use the cross fader), applies an effect to master, killed any eq knobs, lowered faders?

And, the source of all evils, laptop ? If you’re feeding a signal in from a laptop have you changed anything on that - like soundcars levels or on-screen pretend mixer display in DJ software etc

Cables? Input levels on powered or amplified speakers, nudged the balance control? Changed any settings in the mixer user parameters?

Everything was revised and tested all the possibilities before write this topic. I’m a professional of this business with 20 years experience:) All options where tested without success…the sound is very low, almost can’t ear it! I spoke with my Denon distributor in Portugal and we checked all the configurations in the utility menu. It mus be hardware problem because when I turned it on first time before the problem, it was okay the first 5/6 seconds, then it decreased drastically the volume and never came back to the normal mode since that moment. I tried to have some at booth output but is worse the volume level! All the outputs are affected. But CUE at all channels is working good with good volume!

Just an update, I left the mixer about one hour powered on and when I played a track the sound has more volume but a kind of distorced. And the music keeps up and down from times to times and is not the track, of course!

Sounds like hardware fault. Are you still under warranty?

Is this issue also reflected in the master signal (headphone mix knob to right vs left) in the headphones or just the rear outputs?

Put master and booth utility advanced audio settings to -10dB. Put master pot at max. Does master meter show the same level as one channel at max fader?

Obviously crossfader and FX should not be ON when checking this stuff.

The problem is only with outputs (master, record and booth). The CUE/Headphones is good! This means the input level is okay at all the 4 channels. I tested it more 2 times and for 5 minutes it works great, then randomly it drops the sound, then it levels up…too bad!

Then that def sounds like a problem with the mixer.