MacOS Big Sur

Today Apple released the developer version of MacOS Big Sur. I presume that everything will run smoothly when this OS is officially released later this fall?

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Very unlikely

Apple just break things with no thought to backward compatibility and then they expect thousands of vendors to rewrite code in many thousands of devices.

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Yeah and that is why it’s time to work with it now so we don’t have to wait several months after it’s official release!

I bet that the Dev team already are reading up on what it means to Engine Prime - they reacted quite quick on the last change from Apple :slight_smile:

I´m confident at this point.

Do you guys want the Denon developers to drop what they are doing so they can get support for a new iOS? This is crazy. Why is it necessary that you update your OS so quickly?

I have a mid 2014 MacBook pro i7 with 16GB RAM running Sierra 10.12 and I have not update my iOS at all and running everything fine. My reason for not updating is partly because I believe new OS’s are optimized for new hardware (new MacBooks) and I know from personal experience that the new OS’s will slow down older model computers; they were doing the same thing with the phones and were sued and lost. The other reason, and most important reason, is because I have nothing to gain by updating my DJ laptop. If everything is running fast and you have no issues, why the itch to update?

Give them a chance and when it comes it comes. I am sure everyone would rather have other issues addressed first than support for a new iOS.

Everything that is asked for will have a consequence. There are only so many developers and none of them (i would imagine) are sitting on their hands so if you insist on getting this rapidly, who would you suggest they pull off what they are doing? the guys woking on BPM issues or the guys working on the Engine OS update or the guys working on a sampler integration in the decks? (I only say sampler because off the top of my head it was a popular request. don’t confuse my examples for things going on in Denon as I have no i idea what they are woking on).

I write this passionately because it is part of my responsibility in my own day job not related to denon or music. Everyone wants everything but good developers don’t come cheap and there are only so many hours in a day. There is also a business plan to follow which not many here understand.

Just my 2 cents

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Agreed. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. There’s a reason why essential services use older operating systems. They’re tried and trusted, they’ve been patched over time.

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This is why some big corporations and even banks often run their systems on platforms that are years old; they don’t wanna jump into a bug-ridden environment or break something that was working perfectly before they jumped.

I know Apple are still fighting this losing battle against Windows for operating systems, so maybe it’s part of apples game plan to keep changing OSs more frequently than their MD changes his socks but that’s mixed outcomes for the actual end users.

Apple could probably win quite a few customers is they (Apple) promised to stop fudging around the the OS every full moon and promise no new OS for 5 years. Go ahead and fix any security risks but stop playing “catch up with the Gates’” every few months.

And DJs have yourself a DJing laptop, if you’re still using a laptop, and just keep that laptop clean from anything other than DJing. If all your DJing needs work fine on Windows 98 then keep it on Windows 98 (wildly exaggerated example !)

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Not always easy to do though, as eventually the kit you want to use won’t support older OS.

Happened to me when I found one of my controllers didn’t have drivers that worked on my old laptop - so had to replace the OS with something newer.

Moral of the story = don’t upgrade your OS unless you really need to.

I have to agree prior to joining the Denon eco system I was (and technically still am) using Serato when was using Mojave it worked fine no real issues updated to Catalina and it started freezing and stuff which is why I decided to get a stand alone system.


Totally agree. I’m still running Mojave on my DJing Mac. Can’t risk the unforseen ‘bugs’ with the new OS. Had a scary issue previously with an OS release that totally screwed up my Serato Video in the middle of a gig. Extremely embarrassing. Took me several days to rectify this issue.