Loose gain pots

Hi All,

I’m new to the forum, I’m hoping someone can help me out

I’ve recently got a 6k/1850 setup

All is on latest firmware but I have an issue with the mixer… The gain pots are all incredibly loose, they work as they should be theres no resistance at all when adjusting them

Everything else seems good

Has anyone else had this issue?

Thanks in advance, Paul

I have the same issue and I’ve emailed the supplied where I got it from for an opinion!

Just to update… I’ve now had 4 of these mixers… Out of the these one had what I would consider to be good feeling pots… With a nice resistance to them I mean… I’m talking about channel gains, booth monitor, FX …

The EQ section all felt fine, as did faders etc

My issue is the pots mentioned above have literally zero resistance, even pulling my fingers away after an adjustment can cause the audio to increase/drop if it’s an imprecise movement

I’ve used loads of different mixers over the years and have a decent understanding of what’s ‘feels’ correct (even though I appreciate this is subjective)

I have my monitors hooked up to the booth and it’s incredibly easy to nudge the booth gain while mixing which results in a frustrating increase/decrease in volume

Im reaching out on the forum as I find it hard to believe more x1850 users haven’t had this issue… Or maybe don’t feel it’s an issue?

The unit integrates well with my 6k/1210 setup but I’m leaning towards a Xone 96 or Db4

I had a chance to play on one unit of X1800 and it had normal resistance on all knobs.

BUT, considering that I experienced one Denon mixer (previous generation) that went to service 2x that required faceplate to be removed and every time the resistance of the EQ and gain knobs was changed, I am will to say this is a factory quality issue where the faceplace is not properly attached.