Looking for computer

Just trying for 1st time to connect my laptopto p4, just keeps saying “lookingfor computer” I have not put my ssddrive into p4 yet, cananybody advise please

Before answering. The question is really: What are you trying to do?

The “Looking for computer” prompt is normal, because is waiting for you to do something, like performing a firmware update via the PC updater application, put it in controller mode or transferring files from Engine Prime to the internal drive of Prime 4 (provided that you install the internal drive in order to format it). When you connect the blue USB wire to the computer USB port, do you hear the sound of device connecting?

Love the solution :smiley:

Anyway Scriv, start serato while the p4 is connected to Your computer and the „looking for computer” message will be gone.

Yeah seems my solving skills are unparalleled. :sweat_smile:


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