Like to see a 4 channel motorized controller

Let’s look at the facts …

NS7 1-2-AND-3 is the #1motorized controller in the world today 2020… GOING ON 12YEARS AND STILL ROCKING.

Please it’s time for us to get a new controller like this out on the market and I believe DENON can do it…

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You already posted this WE NEED A Prime 4M WITH RADIO DJS IN MIND

Marked as “solution”. I don’t get the capital letters in both topics also. Apart from that, in my country I can’t recall someone that use an NS7. I might be a US bestseller? Would like to see the sales facts from my country.

I would love to have a NS7 mk3 and a pair of V7’s to accompany my Numark X5 mixer. These controllers were FIRE!

The NS7 is a fine piece of kit, but did they sell much here?

Quite popular in the US.

yes, please. a Prime 4 motorized and i’m done.

No idea how much they were sold here. It is not a device for everyone.

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