Lightweight case for SC5000s + mixer


Does anyone know a good lightweight flight case solution for an SC5000 setup?

I currently use a heavy flight case that sits -opened- in my bedroom most of the time. It weights about 20Kg (according to Google that’s about 44 lbs). With the players and mixer inside, it probably weighs like 32 Kg or something.

Although it has wheels, I still consider carrying and moving the case very cumbersome. Are there any lighter casing solutions out there that are large enough for the players + mixer yet weigh a bit (lot) less? For me, ease of moving the case wins over sturdiness.


Flightcase and lightness don’t go together very well. I have the Magma.

You can look at Swanflight and choose light materials, but I think it will still be heavy.

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I went with plastic.

I couldn’t find a case large enough for an entire set though. I’m not interested in separate cases for all equipment. What kind of casing do you use?

Individual ones for each separate, not a whole big case.

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The lightest material I know for building flight cases, I will use that for myself as soon as I know what gear to buy, are composite panels:

One can get them in 7mm or 10mm, they are very sturdy, 40% lighter than plywood and not too pricey (and they are available in the EU/Netherlands ;-). With casemaker profils and rivets you just need a jigsaw and a little power drill to build your own lightweight case with the exact dimensions you need. Oh, maybe that video is useful for you:

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Thanks for the tip!

I’ve always gone with separate cases instead of a ‘coffin’ [i.e. one case with mixer plus deck(s)]. For me it was easier for transport and less cumbersome. As for lightweight, Odyssey KROM series is marketed as a solution. I have a set for my turntable set up.

The case that would fit both the SC5000s and Prime x1800 mixer would be the K12MIXCDJBL. Current price here in the U.S. is around $99/each and the weigh about 11lbs (5kg).

NOTE: I don’t recommend these for HEAVY travel or as a flight case. They’re to protect your gear against light bumps for mobile gigs.

Good luck

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