Left USB output MCX8000

Hello everybody, I just purchased a MCX8000, and when I’m playing with USB stick I’m not getting any sound out of the left denon player, the right player works fine. I do see the track playing on the screen, etc… but just no sound from the mixer. Could be something really simple to change, but I haven’t found it yet… Any help would be appreciated.

Hi justdjin, always a difficult thing to diagnose.

some of the suggestions below might sound obvious, possibly even rudely obvious, but of course, we just dont know that much about your experience with mixers etc.

A few things to try.

Check the Gain level at the top of the channel - if this is too low, you may not hear anything.

Move the crossfader to the middle of its travel - depending on which faders/channels you crossfader assign switches are set to, you may not get sound while the crossfader is far left or far right.

set the vertical faders to about half way on each channel

Also, try running a regular music device - like a cd player etc into the same music fader/channel as the left deck is currently on - do you get music from that?

Make sure that the switch at the top of the channel is in the middle for Engine, not PC or line. Saying that if it was on another source then you wouldn’t see the track playing.

Crossfader assignment possibly?

Try rebooting, maybe try updating the firmware if there is a newer version but if not then it sounds like a hardware fault.

Might be worth checking that the channel works on PC input or line to narrow the issue down.

Do you see the channel lights move as well? Or just the track playing in the screen?

No, no channel lights. I do see the track playing. Everything should have been done correctly: I put the button on Engine, etc… My right player is working perfectly with my USB stick. Maybe it’s a Hardware problem. I’ve only just bought the MX8000, and the problem with the left USB channel has been there from the beginning.

Too soon to send it back :-). Apparently your player is working. I.e. you can load a track, hit play and it starts to move. At this point you should be getting a signal on the channel LED strip. If not, these are the first things to check (most already mentioned before):

  1. Fader up to about 70% (assuming master is up as you can hear track 2 playing)
  2. Channel gain up. Have it at least at 12 o’clock in this case to be sure it is active. Having it fully to the left will show ZERO LEDs lit and no music will come out. This is REGARDLESS of x-fader on/off, position and assignment. The LEDs will light if there is enough signal even if channel fader is down and crossfader is on the other channel when on. The LEDs will show what’s called pre-fader input.
  3. Check your filter knob is at 12 0’clock position. You will not be the first (nor last) DJ who has stood at the deck wondering why a track was not sounding in his headphone when cueing LOL. Guilty of it myself. The filters are almost full kill, so at both ends there is virtually no sound and there could be no lit LEDs.
  4. Same goes for EQ. All EQs fully to the left = no sound = no lit LEDs.
  5. Also make sure all FX are off, just to be sure.

At this point you should see LEDs lit and depending on the crossfader and channel fader settings sound should emerge from the speakers.

A very good tip as previously stated is hooking up another device to channel 1 aux (LN1) input. Flip the switch to LN1 and play the new source (your iPhone or an MP3 player would do just fine). Follow the same points above if you get no sound. Finally you could try with the channel set to PC and play a track in your Serato software.

This is a general trouble shooting workflow, not specific for the OP. If you follow and document (make some pictures and or a short video) these steps, it will be easier to contact Denon Tech Support and explain what is and isn’t happening and what successive steps you have taken to remedy the problem.

Just my 2 cents as usual.

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