Left Output sending Hotter than Right output

Hi Gang, So I’m on show and my audio tech says my left output is sending at about a plus 7 verses the right. The LED lights on my faders are showing equal and my pan is straight up and down. XLR cables were tested to be good and my program, OTSAV is sending equal left and right. Any ideas? We have 4 of these boards and have been told this before but can’t seem to find a solution.

Try running a real audio source into the 6000, rather than a usb/computer sound source.

If there still a difference in left vs right output ? or is the difference only apparent when feeding the 6000 a computer source?

I have had some problems with levels using DJ software mixed with real audio sources. While the meters all showed 0dB, the media players sounded a lot louder than the computer originated sounds. Had to fiddle with the output levels in the DJ software to get it to sound even.

So I do agree with Gee that this something you need to check/isolate first.