Led Beleuchtung an den Front usb&SD slot aus

Das Problem mit der Beleuchtung am front SD/USB Port ist Denon bekannt und nach dem letzten Update auf 1.6.2 immer noch nicht behoben .Nach dem aufspielen der Firmware leuchtet sie bis man das Gerät ausschaltet und beim wieder einschalten bleibt die LED aus. Man steht förmlich im Dunkeln.Hoffe auf eine Lösung und das schnell. Gruß Thomas

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How many USB ports on laptops ever light up?

how many cd players already have a rotating turntable if it no longer rotates after a firmware update, that’s not a problem, is it?

Different problem. A motorised turntable not going around could be performance affecting.

I bought the lighting and everything should work. No dashboard lighting is bad. Simply everything on the device has to work, otherwise you don’t need to advertise it.

Take everything you’ve ever purchased aback for a refund then as if you think that everything must work , all the time, forever, non-stop, every moment, without pause… you’re going to be disappointed by everything from socks to houses lol

Ultimately denon have already said they’ll be fixing it in a future firmware update - so all will be good again and little lights will shine once more

I find especially this bug ridiculous. Denon has built a quite complex device + software, and they are not able to fix those few simple LEDs in a few hours?

Especially as it was working before. Do they have this one special “LED guy” who is currently on vacation or what? lol

My statement still stands - Denon (as well as Pioneer) DJ can only take the liberty of this kind of sloppy software development because it is a niche market with only one competitor.

An ThomasB: Ich kann Dich verstehen :wink: Genau diese flapsige Art bzgl. Bugs bei Denon ist es, die mich noch bei Pioneer hält, aber viel besser sind die ja auch nicht…

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