Latest Update ... 2 steps forward, 1 step back?

Hi all,

I am using quite an old computer (2013 Dell Xps laptop w/16gb ram) and I find the software has slowed right down since the new update…however the new mini waveform has turned it into a joy for music prep.

I love that I can flick so quickly through my 9000 tunes and hear instantly whether a track vibe fits with my mood…I love it, literally takes a few minutes now to prep a playlist and go and rinse!

I have reanalysed all my tunes, to get the correct bpm’s…but now it seems 1 in 4 tracks needs the beat grid adjusting…its so annoying :frowning: but the preview function makes the whole software more enjoyable for prep…so thank you!

Anyone else found this?


I get you. With it being the first version of the new BPM algorithm, it can only get better with new updates. I can only see good things coming down the line. They have nailed the BPM analysis.

If the BPM is off, check the ID3 metadata of the tracks for tempo/BPM. Usually on the incorrect tracks you will see the track has a wrong value here.

EP will prioritize the ID3 tag over its own algorithm.

However, if it’s just the downbeat detection being off then this is really quick to fix, it could always be better though.

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If 1 in 4 is wrong, it definitely is the tag containing the bpm value.


I wasn’t clear, the bpm is pretty much spot on now…its where the grid starts which now seems to need adjusting a quarter of time!

I know what you mean. Doesn’t quite start on the 1. Other than that it’s reet good. Tidal is the same, mostly I beat off. Hopefully the next firmware on OS will solve that one and a downbeat detection fix for Engine Prime. Onwards and upwards folks.

2 steps forward 1 step back ?

That’s still a step forward.

In the last update, the bpm accuracy exploded right through the roof. Without super accurate bpm loads of other functions would fall flat, loops, quantize, fx loads of stuff.

If denon had taken a few more months on the last update then maybe they’d have got the downbeat detection nailed. But would they have been “given” those few extra’months by patiently(?) waiting owners?