Large crates (1000+ tracks) exporting to USB but not showing in crates folder

Hi Guys!

I am having a weird error. I have some crates that say that they are succesfully exported to my SSD but they wont show up under crates in Device Panel. I think they do get added to the collection on the SSD but not in a seperate crate. I found out that it’s only happening with crates above 1000 tracks. IS there a fix or workaround for this issue?

Kind regards, Joey

hi @Joeyvanr and welcome to the forum!

Let me see if I can get an answer for you ASAP.

Regards Jay

Thanks already for your effort. I hope you can give me a solution asap:-)

I will wait :slight_smile:

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HI @Joeyvanr - would you be able to share some screen shots of the problem? Thank you

Hard to make some screenshots. But The problem in steps:

  1. made a crate 14 )… (1300 tracks)
  2. Drag en drop this crate on collection (transfer starts en goes succesfull without any alerts)
  3. Crate not showing up on device after transfer…

I am having the same issue, has this been solved yet

Hi Sammy,

Two months later and still no reaction from denon after my screenshots…

Still waiting for the solution