Lag using Roll-Effect on the SC6000


since I updated my SC6000s to 2.0.0 i got massiv lags on my roll effects. It happends on both players randomly. Every 10th time I us the roll.

Maybe someone else has this issue?

Is this a know bug?

Thank you


For all having a SC6000, I still have this problem. Watch out, maybe dont use it on stage ;/

There’s a particular form in the forum to complete when reporting possible bugs. It’s got 6 or 7 questions on it, which the team would need to be able to help you

It locks up all my 5000m when using roll function

Should i post a new topic or should i post this form here?

New topic, fill your answers in around the preset questions in the form

Okey, thank you. I did it in the bug-report section.