Labor Day Firmware Release?

Just a note to let Denon know, we won’t be upset if you release a firmware update before our labor day parties start.

This BPM thing is a killer.

Yeah I’m sure there’s still be a few people ready to chuck brand new firmware into their players and mixers on the eve , or just a few hours before a big party but I for one would rather not, given how that’s worked out for everyone from smartphone users to satnav users to laptop/computer users, to DJs through the years.

I’d prefer to wait until I’ve got an unbroken chain of a few completely clear days/nights and a copy of the rollback firmware before upgrading firmware.

Easy fix for those who don’t want to use it…Don’t upgrade until after the holiday and you’re set.

I def want to use it.

We just don’t want them to be forced into rushing it out ahead of a fair amount of testing.