Key on Display when using Serato

Guys, why there isn’t an option to display the track key on MCX8k screens when in Serato mode? Now there is only BPM info (which I personally find useless)…any chance the firmware update is addresing this?


Serato key information, where held should already show on the MCX screen, seen as arrow number 3 in this pic.

Hi Gee, thanks for reaching out. The thing is that I dont have any musical theory background and thus would welcome camelot notation as in Serato…

Oh man, I`m dumb, there actually is a camelot notation :slight_smile: Well anyway, it would be great to have a possibility to see KEY also when selecting next track, i.e. when moving through collection with SELECT/LOAD knob. Now I can see only track, artist and BPM. What I mean is changing BPM info for other stat, as KEY for example…

In VirtualDJ you can toggle between time, key and BPM by holding shift and pressing the view button. Not sure if that works in Serato but worth a try …

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Holy Molly! It works! Thanks a bunch kradcliffe, now the MCX is really a standalone machine for me, as I don`t have to check keys on my computer :star_struck:

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