Just got my Prime working should I update firmware?

I’m a bit hesitant, I was finally able to mix for a couple hours sraight weith no bab bpm anr anytyhing bad happening, i’m in a good place, What Can I expect to see different in a positive way from the upgrade to the latest firmware. im running 1.3 currently I believe.

Yes. Every upgrade will bring new features, some patches for previous wierd bugs that only surfaced when thousands of customers, using combinations of features in different ways uncovered, and improvements on old features, a new effect maybe.

There’s a lot of posts on the forum where people have said that something doesn’t work, or doesn’t work right, or some feature that people are talking about is missing for some people, and it usually shows up that the person missing the feature is still in old firmware.

A cautionary note though. A firmware update can go wrong. I had a power cut once halfway during a firmware update. I was updating while at a venue and the kitchens caused the breakers to trip. I had to use my backup system until I could get my main system recovered. So, only load firmware once per version, not, as some people seem to use it, as a weekly way of flushing out dust. And don’t try firmware uploads just before an event.

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As you’re on 1.3 can you just check if you can see both artist and title displayed on the decks (when they’re set to show tags)?

It seems as if upgrading the firmware removes the artist info from the deck, so it might not be advisable if that’s something important to you.

:astonished: :open_mouth: :worried: …and then what happened? Has it restarted with the previous firmware? What did you have to do to restore it? Tell me.

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There’s a way of forcing a firmware reload of the previous firmware file by holding down certain buttons and having the original firmware file with you .

So there’s no “super capacitor” in the Prime 4 like the SC5000s, which was demonstrated to keep the power if the cable was removed (but then changed before release)?

Even on the SC the super cap is only good for about 15 seconds with screen and music on, or about 90 seconds with screen off

Something that keeps circuits powered for a few seconds is there. Look in the user manual on page 14 in step 1 says: “Prime 4 has a protection circuit to safely eject all media after an unexpected power loss to protect your data from corruption. Reconnect your power source to return to normal operation.”.

Obviously this small reserve of energy will be sufficient only to close the database without corrupting it (… I hope so :joy:), it certainly cannot complete the firmware update.

It’s a “yes” then. That’s the change Denon made with the SC5000s, making it protect the media.