Join PRIME 4 v1.4 Public Beta Today!

Hi James,

Bugs can be reported here:

However, the bug is already confirmed, so good find!

It is scattered around a bit…

For this update only one method is available.

  • Download the updater.
  • Connect the blue USB3 cable to your computer.
  • Reboot the Prime4 in firmware update mode (go to Utility - at the bottom of the list, press on the word “reboot”).
  • Start the updater and follow onscreen instructions.
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When upgrading to I can’t see my Prime. Please help. No usb drivers for win 7

I wouldn’t use Windows7 anymore for newer applications and update tools. :blush:

However, for Windows10 you’ll see similar driver issue, because there is no audio driver yet.

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I had a quick look, I downloaded and got started with the upgrade and Tidal. It looks great and definitely the way forward, BUT, sadly i had to remove it as i need my deck to work at live gigs every week so can’t afford the risk of being a tester, shame. Can’t wait until the Beta testing is done and a safe release is available. However, i am not going to subscribe to Tidal as i already pay Spotify for me, the wife and kids, they would lynch me if i cancelled that and I’m not paying for 2. So unless a deal can be done to allow Spotify on the Prime, i won’t get the benefit.
PS. don’t forget a clock somewhere…

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Vote for the clock feature here: On screen clock

? - how you get from this post to a clock ?!

but if you are on the way: notepad for important things, also needs some love :heart:

Edit: I don´t saw the tree in the forest xdddd

I I downloaded and installed. Frozen on beta logo. Forced update mode tried again. Same. So forced update. Downgraded to 1.3.2. Works fine. Tried upgrading again same frozen logo. Downgraded to 1.3 2 so I guess no beta test for me.

Hi @DJVERACIOUSK, sorry to hear you are having difficulty installing the beta. Do you have any media sources connected when upgrading? If so, I would try removing them and installing the beta again.

Will there be an identical (3 months free) offer for SC5000 owners too, when the beta firmware for that is ready too ?

In the text it says:

To show our appreciation, and to assist with beta testing, we’re giving all Denon DJ SC5000, SC5000M, & PRIME 4 owners 3 free months of TIDAL HiFi access !

So I think so :slightly_smiling_face::tada:

I’ll just wait activating an account until we get the Tidal access in 2 or 4 weeks (hopefully) JWill wrote they think the Beta would take between 2 and 4 weeks to sort out, depending on the amount of feedback.

It’s one period for one Tidal account even if you own 4 SC’s. If you start the 3 months now while the firmware is not yet ready, then time ticks away of course.

That’s the problem - if the 5000 firmware isn’t ready for 2 months , then 5000 owners get about 2 weeks left of the Tidal trial

Whats the point of starting the trial for your SC5000 BEFORE its available for the units? You’ll have 3 months from the day its activated.

But maybe it also need a code, so you cant activate it before its ready on the units.

The device needs to link to Tidal which it does not without firmware.

If you have both Prime4 and SC’s (like me), you need to make a choice to wait or miss time on the SC.

In a few days my 30 day free start period ends and I need to make a choice. I think I will pay until the SC firmware is here to start the 3 months redeem.


The internal ssd is the only media source connected during install. Do I have to disconnect the internal to get this to work?

Not normally no, I was suggesting as a troubleshooting step to see if it helped.

says access denied on my end :confused: ???