Jog Wheel Tension Too Tight Despite "Light" Setting?


Despite adjusting to “light” my unit’s jog wheel feels too tight. I’m curious if this is by default and is there any way to loosen it further? As someone who grew up more in the turntablist space, I’m pretty keen on scratching and such.


If you just opened up your SC5000, turn the tension adjustment knob completely clockwise (heaviest setting) and then counter-clockwise (lightest setting). I had to do this with my SC5000s after purchasing them, and they worked great after.

If it still feel stiffs, there could be something going on with the adjustment mechanism and I’d advise you to return it to the retailer for a replacement or contact Denon directly, as it’s certainly still under warranty.



I’ve done this quite a few times and even that switch alone feels a bit heavy. Each click feels pretty locked. I’ve done it multiple times to make sure I can really feel the difference. And the difference is noticeable in terms of wether it’s light or heavy but not by much if I’m comparing to what I’m used to. The heavier the jog wheel/platter is …the more vibration you’ll get when scratching. The force tends to move the entire deck because you cannot be light handed. You need an extra bit of power in your push to execute your scratches


If the SC5000 tension knob was working properly, you would definitely be able to tell the difference between the light and heavy settings, there’s a huge contrast from one detent to the next. It sounds like the mechanism in your unit maybe faulty, so I’d exchange it for a new unit either at the retailer you purchased it through or directly through Denon.



I just got mine delivered too. lord have mercy I Gotta hit the gym to be able to push the jog wheels. I know different players have different platter “feel”… might take me a while to get used to the tension…even in its lightest settings.

I’ve got two units and they feel the same way.

There is a difference between the lightest and heaviest setting but still the lightest ain’t for the weak.

So far so good.


The lightest setting should cause your jogwheel feel like it’s floating on air, it’s even lighter than the CDJNXS/2’s lightest setting. If it’s requiring that much force on your part, you may want to consider contacting Denon or your retailer.


Sorry but I have to affirm that this is false. The tension on the SC5000s are definitely heavier than the CDJs even on the lightest setting. I’ve tried about 6 different models. I’m okay with it but as one that grew up on turntablism & heavy scratching I won’t sugar coat the facts.


It’s not floating on air. I don’t think there is a fault with mine as I have two brand new units and they both feel the same way. What are the odds. It’s by design, I will get used to it.


I agree with dominiccarter. The platter does feel a tight even in its light setting. SC5000 light setting is comparable to the midway tight setting on the nexus 2. Ive noticed this is the norm as i had my hands on about a dozen units including my own.

When i received my x1800 the channel faders were really loose. If you blow on the fader it would move. Turns out the x1800 had multiple technical issues. it was swapped out for another unit and so far no problems with it. Mysteriously the channel faders were much tighter better on the new mixer.


Admittedly, I should have avoided the “floating on air” analogy as it was not meant to be taken literally and I shouldn’t have thrown in the CDJ tension as an example for comparison, as that was my own opinion having owned the Pio 2000/NXS/NXS2 line since their inception. I apologize for the confusion. I will alert the Mods to enable me to edit the post accordingly.

I assure you and other users I was not “sugarcoating,” as that implies that I’m intentionally deceiving others, which I am not nor will I ever. Furthermore, I’m humble enough to eat crow when I’m wrong…and after taking my NXS2 out of storage and comparing/contrasting the SC5000 with it, you (and the other subsequent users who posted) are definitely correct and I was way off. My memory of the tension was certainly skewed as I’ve been using my XDJ1000’s for gigging while I finish getting my entire gigantic music library ready for my Prime setup, and the XDJ1000 is set to a fixed tension equal to about the halfway setting of the NXS2 tension dial. I had forgotten the true “feel” of the lightest setting of the NXS2, apologies in advance for the error on my part.

@mufasa Glad to hear everything is working out, apologies for the unintended misinformation on my part.



it’s all good @Lostnthesound :sunglasses:

if you can get to the point where you have a subjective view that’s its not too tight then I suppose it’s only a matter of time for me too.

I jump between all different gear in a week from turntables to controller to CDJs so it might take me longer.


I recently got a pair of SC5000’s and I have the same issue. I guess this is default for the players. I am hoping that there is a workaround for this as scratch users will have a difficult working with the platters.

Does anyone know if this can be tweaked from inside the player? I really love these players but this tight tension is an undesired feature for me.