Jog Wheel Slipping at Beginning of Set

During the beginning of my outdoor gig last weekend, my left jog wheel kept slipping so I couldn’t scratch or hold the song ready to drop. Weather was about 80F (26.6C) and I was under a canopy but the sun was hitting the MC7000 slightly. After 30-40 minutes into my set it played normal. Sensitivity of the platters was correct when I checked after my gig. I have the latest firmware update, running the latest Serato DJ Pro, 2016 Macbook Pro with 16Gb of RAM with Mac OS High Sierra. I have never encountered this issue at home or any other outdoor gigs. Was wondering if anyone else has experienced the same thing?

It’s a known thing with touch capacitive jogwheels that are used on almost all controllers of all brands. Bad electrical grounding or excessive body current will mess with sensitivity of the jogwheels. c/p from another thread, Denon admin: “Without a ground reference, the platters WILL behave unexpectedly. This is the nature of capacitance sensing platters.”

Thanks for the response. Do you thinking a power conditioner will help avoid this issue?

Just had this issue come up again while using a power conditioner while practicing at home. Left jog wheel on Deck 1 slips while on vinyl mode, however when I jump to Deck 3 on the same jog wheel there is no issue. Could this be a faulty unit that I need to take in for repairs? Unit has the latest firmware update. Bought this unit November 2016 and had no issues until now. Beginning to get concerned. Anyone else experiencing this? I have small video clip of the problem if needed.

What software are you using? Usually, such problems are connected with grounding and power conditioner won’t help with that. Try testing on other venues, you may have problem with grounding in your home.

The only thing that is puzzling is switching on Deck 3 and then working normally.

i doubt its the unit because if it slips on deck #1 but not on deck #3 its still the same platter that is being used…so i would say software related. i dj with mc7000 and when i run into a small problem… the 1st thing i do is try out a different software to rule out its that…

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