Jog Wheel Sensativity



big no it can be adjustable i tryied it on my mc7000 and it work for me


dont worry it can be adjust


Providing your using the latest mc7000 firmware (1.2). Then yes you can adjust the sensitivity easily. See notes below.

MC7000 Hardware Settings Mode In this mode you can adjust the sensitivity of the jog wheels, attenuate the microphones, adjust talk over settings, set the MIDI command transmission interval time, and initialize or reset the device back to its factory settings. To Enter This Mode: Power on the MC7000 while holding BACK and PANEL buttons on either deck. To Exit This Mode: Press the BACK button on either deck, this will save the current settings, exit the Hardware Settings Mode and restart the device in normal operation. Platter Touch Sensitivity: The sensitivity of the jog wheel touch can be set in 9 different steps (-4 - 0 - +4). “–4” is the lowest sensitivity, and “+4” is the highest sensitivity. Each side can be adjusted independently. The default factory setting is 0. To Adjust: Touch and hold the top surface of the platter and then turn the SELECT/LOAD encoder. A single platter ring LED will illuminate showing the user the current sensitivity setting. Turning the SELECT/LOAD encoder to the left will lower the sensitivity while turning to the right will increase the sensitivity. The values are specified in the image below. Only a single LED on each deck will illuminate, all others will be off. The CENSOR button will illuminate when the platter is touched allowing you to check the sensitivity while making adjustments.