Jog Wheel Sensativity

It is possible I missed this, but here goes, I know that the jog wheels can be adjusted on the 8000, but where is that on the 7000? Is it possible to adjust the sensitivity of the jog wheels?

Hi d2thac

The jog wheel sensitivity on the MC7000 is not adjustable.

Ok that’s fine I get it, But for some reason my right side does not always catch. I am having to tap the jog wheel in order to get it to respond otherwise the song will continue to play. In an instance where I wanted scratch a song in the platter was non responsive, I had to tap it a few times before it would respond. Is this normal? I use Virtual DJ 8 and have been for quite a while, also I just got the MC7000 Wednesday of this week. Please let me know, and thank you.

Nope, it’s certainly not ‘normal’ - could you try it with Serato DJ perhaps… see if you get the same issue?

Finally got a chance to try it with both Serato DJ and Virtual DJ on the same night, last night. We had the same issues with the right side sometimes not catching and having to tap numerous times on the jog wheels before it would actually catch. I’m open for suggestions.

I’m glad that you posted this. I am having the very same issue with VDJ 8 (latest update). Tried a different computer and also two DJ computers and got the same result.

Next step is to verify if using Serato on this same controller will have the same issue. If it does, I am confident the issue is with the controller and not the software.

Capacitive jogwheels work by detecting body current, if you have issues it can be related with grounding in the venue/home or even your own body (excessive static picked up if you have synthetic rugs etc). When you have problems with unit not detecting hand on the jogwheel, try placing the other hand on some metal that is grounded (metal chasis of a mixer etc).

But if only one side of the controller is not responding then it’s probably a hardware issue with the unit.

I wound up sending mine back to be replaced, as of now everything is working as it should with both Serato DJ and Virtual DJ.

Would it be possible in a firmware update platters are a little to sensitive for my liking too…

Is there anyway to adjust platter sensitivity? I’ve looked through the manual but can’t seem to find any instructions pertaining to that.

I am looking for answers to that as well

Hi there, apologies for the delay in response… this one slipped through the net.

The jog wheel sensitivity on the MC7000 is not adjustable.

thats bad, i am used to pioneer sx, now im switch to denon i feel too much sensitive

Same problem here. Setup - MC7000, MacBookPro2017, SeratoDJPro

Controller set to “Vinyl more” but does not respond to touches. Here comes the fun part: As soon as my other hand touches the metal rim of the case, it works but this leads to other problems. First, I cannot always occupy my second hand with this grounding task while mixing or scratching and second, when I let go, sometimes the controller does not react to the letting go either, keeping the track stopped while “Play” is lit. Imagine me trying to restart the track for about one minute me hitting play over and over, pushing the jog wheel…

As this started to happen about 4 weeks after I bought the controller, I sent it back. The returned it saying they could not find any error or reproduce this scenario. The spare controller (MC7000 as well) of a friend, that I am using in the meantime works with no defects or errors at all. I am NOT looking forward trying my next gig with me buggy controller again…

Have you tried using your MC7000’s power brick with your friend’s MC7000 to see if the grounding problem is there?

Using the new Firmware you will be able to calibrate the jog sensivity , just follow the included instructions

Thanks guys. I tried it on -4 and +4. As expected: -4 shows exactly the problem and it seems to be solved on +4. Cheers!

hello pitchy hope all is well please may i ask how you did that can you please do any vid on how to go about it step by step please

just read the directions in the firmware update folder

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okay and thanks every one i have gotting it my jog wheels sensitivity had been set