Issues with sweep effect gate

When I engage the gate effect and turn knob to the right, after the first increment the sound of the track totally disappears? It works when I turn left, although timing sounds off. I sent a video to explain to Denon Dj which I was then told it was an hardware issue and to return it for exchange, so swapped it today for a new x1800. Got home to find I have the exact same promblem? Anybody else had issues with the sweep gate effect ?

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Don’t use this effect, but tried it on my X1800.

Rotating to the left kinda works. Sound is gated with fade in-out. Rotating to the right at first increment dot, it doesn’t seem to do anything until I hit far right and go back to center. Then it chops the sound (no fading).

The gate effect seems off to me on this mixer. I have better luck with the “trans” effect on the tempo-based menu, and achieve the gate effects I’m used to in Traktor.