Issue with channel faders

Hello all,

I’d like to share an issue I’ve been experiencing and would like to ask whether anybody else has had the same issue and whether anyone knows a good solution.

Previously I owned a MC2000 and half a year ago ago I’ve upgraded to a MC6000Mk2. It’s generally an awesome piece of kit.

However, with both controllers the channel faders started playing up only a few months after I bought them. The on-screen fader is jumping up and down erratically when I open or close either channel fader. It does not follow the smooth opening or closing movement of the physical fader on the controller anymore. The volume of that channel also jumps up and down as the volume is determined by the position of the on-screen fader. I don’t have a lot of technical knowledge, but my common sense tells me that something with the mechanics inside the physical fader is causing the on-screen fader to behave erratically. Now the following questions come up that I’d like to share with the community:

 Am I thinking in the right direction with this?  If so, what could be the cause of this issue?  If it’s caused by dirt or dust inside the fader mechanism, why does it happen so quickly? I only use the controller in relatively clean, non-club environments.  What is the best and most convenient way to service the faders if they need to be serviced?  Do I have to send the whole controller in for a warranty repair?  If the default channel faders are not of the highest grade, can they be replaced by a higher-end model which is less prone to causing issues in the long run?

Please let me know if anyone can relate to this or has any useful information. Many thanks in advance!

First off I would try spraying a small amount of switch cleaner in the defective fader and work it up and down. If the issue is dirt then that should clear the problem straight away.