Is there a reason over Network?

Hey Denon Lovers, Is it possible to copy Tracks over Network to the Prime 4 internal SSD ?

That would be nice and easy :slight_smile: if this is possible.

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Nope it`s not possible for now. An option you might have a look on, is getting a dropbox account, then you can just get easily tracks over wifi onto your device :wink: I´m not quite sure wether you can copy them to your ssd but I guess this should be possible.

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No, but there is a “Features request” in the appropriate section: LINK

Read that post and possibly give your vote by clicking on the :heart: of that post.

Yes, but unfortunately DENON DJ used Dropbox (which is paid) instead of using Google Drive (which is free and used by all those who use Android): excellent choice :scream: :confounded: :astonished: :hushed: :open_mouth:

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