Is it possible to import a playlist from a engine usb drive to the computer

Is it possible to copy a playlis(or crate) from a usb drive in engini to the computer. I see its possible to resync from usb to computer but i cant copy a playlist or crate to the engine prime ? In recordbox its easy i hope its in engine somwere to?


Did you try dragging and dropping the crate from the USB (in Engine Prime) ?

Yes i did but dit doesnt seem to workt? I tried it with crate en with playlist. I think i do somthing wrong but i cant figure it out

It may be to stop folks from sharing.


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it could be but i hope ther is a workaround. ive lost my playlist on the computer and stll have him on the usb. i want to import him from usb so i have everything back on the pc

Same issue here. I created a playlist on my SC5000 and I cant move it from my engine drive to my laptop through engine prime.

Hi Guys,

Unfortunately, this is not supported at this time.

We hope to bring playlist syncing from devices to home collection in the future.


Ok thanxs fore Youre answer

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