Is it possible to import a playlist from a engine usb drive to the computer

Is it possible to copy a playlis(or crate) from a usb drive in engini to the computer. I see its possible to resync from usb to computer but i cant copy a playlist or crate to the engine prime ? In recordbox its easy i hope its in engine somwere to?



Did you try dragging and dropping the crate from the USB (in Engine Prime) ?

Yes i did but dit doesnt seem to workt? I tried it with crate en with playlist. I think i do somthing wrong but i cant figure it out

It may be to stop folks from sharing.


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it could be but i hope ther is a workaround. ive lost my playlist on the computer and stll have him on the usb. i want to import him from usb so i have everything back on the pc

Same issue here. I created a playlist on my SC5000 and I cant move it from my engine drive to my laptop through engine prime.

Hi Guys,

Unfortunately, this is not supported at this time.

We hope to bring playlist syncing from devices to home collection in the future.


Ok thanxs fore Youre answer

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Drag to folder back to file explorer and import into Engine Prime again. That worked for me.

Thanxs fore youre reply, Ive tried it several times on different ways but is doesnt seem to work.

it may not be exactly what you mean, but I’ve developed a tool that lets you sync playlists, prepare list and history lists(s) from a Denon Prime performance drive back to Rekordbox. This is including the loops and cues that were set on the player. additionally you can add the DJCU in the mix to convert to Serato, Traktor, djay Pro 2 and iTunes/

all this is MacOS only, and you can see how it works here:

Hi JWill,

I look speedly the system

I don’t have check all table, but in the folder :

C:\Users\USERNAME\Music\Engine Library There is a similar database system for the treatment

Is not “p.db” and “m.db”, but “fsp.db” and “fsm.db”


When you add a big folder, the files is fill before transfer in other system file.

Only the “Path” field in the “Track” table should have been adapted for an import from an Engine Prime to another computer

Can you tell me where the final file is after processing? Where the “collections” are saved. => Modify : I have found, the final database are copy on the drive with the same name m.db and p.db

Hi Denon Crew,

Please fix this. QUICKLY. otherwise, creating playlists with the prime is useless.

Isn’t this a simple software update???

Please keep us all posted


I wouldn’t say the feature is useless. You can still edit and create playlists on the hardware then take that drive with those changes to another player. There are no other products in the market that offer this type of functionality without a computer.

We’ll be sure to inform everyone when this functionality is available.

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This is a super important feature to me, because exporting an m3u from a history session on the drive results in a file that is no good for other apps cos it points to the versions of tracks on the external drive, rather than the master copies on my computer.

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Hello @JWiLL The problem is… if you create a playlist on the hardware, you can’t copy it to the engine software. This is possible with the cdj2000 and rekordbox, you can actually save your tag list on your usb and it will sync back to your pc.

But now the real problem: If you sync from pc to usb/sd, the engine software will delete the playlists created by the hardware. So once you made playlists with the hardware you only can use engine with your usb stick as a main source.

Many dj’s who are coming from rekordbox are working this way.

I think it’s just a simple software update (hope).

I see you are DENON DJ STAFF. Is my request big enough for discussion at headquaters? :slight_smile:


Hi @WallyDelux - Thank you for the additional details. We completely understand the desire to have this functionality and as I mentioned back in March it is something we would hope to do in the future. Unfortunately, I can not offer any insight on if or when this feature will come.

I would suggest creating a feature request for this ability so we understand how important it is for all users.

Thanks again for your feedback!

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strange but works - i can’t drag an drop m3u playlists, but when i open playlist with aimp - i can drag and drop list from one program to other :wink:

At this point I’m still very dissapointed the way denon is creating it’s engine prime software. Simple things like sync playlist from USB to EP,. And also importent: the HISTORY!!! Why is the history not synced to EP???

Search this forum and you’ll find lots of simple things denon can put into EP. ALL those things are available is f.e. Rekordbox (from the start in 2009)…

COME ON DENON!!! I know you can do it!!! Don’t force us back to where we came from…


How to copy the library from USB to PC? Thanks for your answer.