Is it possible to alter the downbeat marker after a set point?

I have a track where it’s gridded properly for 8 bars. After that the drop comes in the grid is on the snare instead of the kick.I guess for creative reasons when the track was made the track doesn’t resolve to the full bar. What is the best approach in regards to this?

Edit: I tried using the beat grid anchor, but the entire grid moved.

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if there is a non 4/4 segment of a track by design, i use a HOTCUE and label it if its a track i’m not familiar with and keep it moving.

i avoid mixing or blends that will encompass bars before and including that segment eg i wont be running a 4 beat loop when i know that area is approaching.

the rest of the grid, after that dropped beat, i leave the downbeat to continue on the snare…still 4/4 to me, just that the downbeat is a 1/4 note ahead…keep it moving

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Moin moin Sixth,

regarding the problem you described, I myself struggle with this problem, since I’m working with P4 and I’m in close contact with DENON directly. I posted an input submitted here: [].

Unfortunately the upgrade to Vers. 2.0. or no kind advise from others solved this problem. I will contact DENON asap to ask them to put a little rush on it. Phps. they will regard it within the next “BUG_Fix”.

Good luck and hand and feel free to keep on posting

Brgds from HAM

Beat Master

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