Is it possible to adjust "color fx" parameter?


I got my denon sc6000s and x1850 yestery and have been playing around with it for a few hours. But I cant seem to figure out how to adjust the fx intensity. For example noise feels WAY too powerful when being used. It completely just vanish the music sound by its intensity. I also find it weird for the beat fx to be turned halfway before you really notice the effect. Is this possible to tweak with software? Maybe I should put it as a suggestion?

Regards, stAMy

Have you updated the x1850 with this weeks firmware. It won’t be in a new mixer already

That had lots of adjustments to the effects

Yes I just did that. Do you disagree in my assumption? Maybe I’m just used to the Pioneer version?

The sweep effects are very good but I find most of them are usable one way from the middle off position but not usable the other way. But that’s just the way I want to use them, someone else might use all four effects in both directions

The four effects do me fine as I don’t use effects for more than a minute approx each night. If I had to use them to cover every track join, the four on their own would get bland and I’d want a dozen more

I get it. But with the noise sound on x1850 there is no way you can play around the same way as for example James Hype. For that it needs to be able to be adjusted to lighter/heavyer on the sound it pulls out.

Although I don’t use the effects to make things sound the same as someone or something, I’m fairly sure there’s a noise level adjust in the mixer preset menu

There is. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have Noise set to -4dB in Utility - FX - Noise Level.

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But do you know what the knobs above filter button is? What are they for?

Those are for your MIC’s.

The high and lows?

Yes the HIGH and LOW above the FILTER button belong to your MIC inputs.

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Wow thats a lot of knobs for mic tbh…

No… I mean these :slight_smile:


I don’t mean these:


I know what you ment. I just feel the usage for those are such a waste of space when it could have a knob to adjust the sweep fx instead. Waste of potential imo. Unless you are Tiesto, Laidback Luke or a wedding dj, the usage for mic should be nearly non-existent in my honest opinion.

Agreed. I will say that about a crossfader as well. A complete waste of space.

If we’re into saving space then the long long pitch controls could be changed to a tiny rotary knob.

A mixer needs to be feature rich for maximum sell and broadest user type. Hence the MIC and CF.

I can do without all the bells and whistles. I’m from the long-throw 100mm fader era. :wink: