Is it possible for Portable SSD to be viewed on a connected laptop as well as Prime 4 10" screen

I connect a SSD via the USB slot at rear of Prime 4, and use the screen to select & load tracks. I’d like to be able to also connect my laptop so I can view the same crates/playlists, as I find the larger 17" screen a little easier to navigate. I don’t have a duplicate drive, trying to avoid this, but wondered if my one Sandisk SSD could be viewed at the same time on both my Prime 4 10" screen & laptop 17" screen. Am I missing a trick, has anybody managed to find an answer? Thanks in advance.

Short answer is No.

Unless you’re only doing free gigs for £0.00 , you should really be keeping at least one backup drive, if not more

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I personal have 2 hdd backups, and also one backup in the cloud. You can ever have an hdd failure and then you are for sure happy tho have your tracks backed up anywhere.

@ncsd2020 is asking if he can use an external display for browsing the library whilst playing on his P4 because because because

How did we get to discussing hard-drives?

Because the OP mentioned not having a duplicate drive. It wasn’t necessary to mention (if we’re discussing screens) but it was - so discussing drives is relevant.

I saw this mentioned elsewhere recently, and the recommendation was to have three, with one of those stored remotely - so similar to DJDark.

My music files are on at least eight drives (inc. main PC, laptops and external) and also backed up to the cloud.

  1. No you can’t mirror to a laptop screen, to view the same drive whilst djing with the drive on your prime4. I understand how convenient having a larger screen could be (as a serato user myself)

There is a thread where we requested a PC-Link mode where we can play directly from the PC library. Its not the same as what you asked but close. Vote for the feature by liking the first post in the thread. It has 70 votes already.

To view the contents of the SSD on your laptop is either

  • The obvious - plug it to the laptop


  • put the prime4 into controller mode, any storage devices connected to the prime4 would be mounted on the laptop.

Mud? Clear?

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Will be getting a back up drive, just building up my rig at moment - getting paid gigs, so I know how important it is.

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