Intermittent Distortion

Hi i just updated to Hi Sierra 10.13.2 from 10.13.1 ever since doing so i’m getting intermittent distortion i have a good feeling its the mc7000 because i don’t have this issue with any of my other controllers all was fine in 10.13.1 any help appreciated

Before you start suggesting other users not to update, have you tried adjusting the usb buffer and sample size in your software?

Yes i have tried the usb buffer also different usb cables i updated a few day ago before that i had zero issues on osx 10.13.1 all my other controllers are working fine…

It’s always a good idea to upgrade your OS only when the new upgrade has been tested and OK-ed for your specific hardware. Unless the OS upgrade offers something truly spectaculare that you can’t live without, there really is no big hurry to upgrade an OS. While I may do so a bit sooner on my MacBook, on my Windows machines I’d usually wait at least 3-6 months before applying an upgrade, giving everyone a chance to catch up with drivers and such.

Even companies like Serato put out warnings not to upgrade and they can be a couple of weeks to a few months behind.

I use my MacBook Pro ONLY for DJ-ing (and sound engineering work) and am usually very conservative with upgrading.

If things worked well before, it is pretty improbable that after an upgrade buffer size and such needs adjusting.

So I’ll support any “warning” not to upgrade to quickly to newly released OS versions as matter of best (and safest) practice. And if you really must upgrade, make a decent backup so you can restore the previous state.

My 2 cents as usual


Bro uninstall the high sierra, I went through the same thing… LONG STORY!!

whats up man? In order to uninstall high sierra i need an extra external hard drive so i can back up everything with time machine correct? The external i have now is for my music and i dont want to erase it. thanks

What makes you think i didn’t & also why should i have to increase buffer size higher than i normally use because of an update that alone says something ain’t right…

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How do you un install high sierra I have the same problem

Back up everything on an external hard drive first.

I did the same mistake :frowning: Updated from 10.13.1 to 10.13.2 and sound distortion starts. Unfortunately no time machine backup. Hope Denon will bring an firmware update soon…

Sane issue. Running 2017 Macbook Pro and updated to high sierra 10.13.2 with Virtual DJ. Now another DJ I know switched to an older macbook which solved the issue. However, I only have one macbook with time machine not setup so I can’t just go back in time. What do you suggest I do?

Hi Guys,

Sorry to hear of the difficulties with the latest Mac update. The good news is that we fixed it! I’ve posted a link to the firmware and release notes below. This download can also be found on the MC7000 product page.


v1.1 Changes

-Fixed issue where static distortion occurs during use on Mac OS 10.13.2 systems

Nice one thanks!

There’s a lot to be said on my part about this and customer support in general…

Either way thanks for sorting this out.

thanks any news for the new firmaware before to install i dont want to upgrade to 10.13.2 ?

I just want to say that I ran into the same intermittent distortion issue after install High Sierra! I was increasing the buffer size up to the max value but after some time the sound was coming out distorted.

I hope that the firmware fix solves the issue

There are problems with high sierra . can you go back to the previous software before you upgraded

The new firmware for the MC7000, which was added to the MC7000 section of the Denon DJ website last week, remedies the distortion which High Sierra upgraders experienced.

Hi Bonafyd,

What are your concerns?

With the communities help, we were able to identify and address this issue very quickly.

Please understand we perform full regression testing on all firmware revisions prior to releasing to the public. This takes time but ensures we didn’t break anything across all supported operating systems in the process.

Looking forward to your feedback.