Interesting news... Pioneer to leave dj scene

This is just business. The DJ division would sell but the new buyer would continue the product (probably under a different name).

I work for a technology company that has been sold 2 times since I worked for them and what we do hasn’t changed at all. All that was changed was our name and who owned us.

The title of the report was just a cleaver way to get readers to click and read IMO.

Should read Pioneer Japan to offload remaining stake in DJ division. They only have a 15% stake in the DJ division anymore anyway, with KKR having the rest for the last couple years. For some odd reason the Japanese parent company wanted to focus more on car audio and car navigation, areas they don’t mostly control the market and charge whatever they want. Pretty inexplicable business strategy, if you ask me, offloading divisions where, at the time they offloaded the DJ division, they unquestionably dominated. If you can’t make a division like that work, the problem is you, not the division. Maybe their top people just have a car obsession. Who knows. Interestingly, though, I believe they’ve kept TAD and their club install division around, which is pretty great stuff and has been gaining quite a market share of its own.

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Because there are more drivers than DJs.

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With tons of different competitors who substantially outclass them in those markets, compared to the DJ market where they basically were the price setter. Maybe that was actually the issue… maybe it’s general managerial problems and size glut of the overall company combined with worldwide economic downturns and they couldn’t sell their car-related divisions so they had to sell what a buyer would actually take.

If inMusic buys Pioneer DJ does that mean Pulse will take over the denondjforum??? :warning::radioactive::biohazard::place_of_worship::fire::fire::end:

is inmusic big enough to buy pioneer dj?

Yeah, however, I think it would be a mistake for them to acquire Pioneer DJ - when 1 company has a monopoly in the business, there’s no competition and therefore no innovation.



An actual monopoly might be bad for us, but it would be great for them.

Though two observations:

  1. Based on how little interaction it appears inMusic’s various holdings actually have (Rane, Akai, Denon DJ, Alesis, Marantz, etc etc), even if inMusic bought PioneerDJ that doesn’t necessarily mean much will change (except the scenario of Pulse taking over the Denon Forum causing everyone on here to pine for the good old days of waiting for firmware and feeling like a human being). Maybe PioneerDJ would release more than just gold plated ‘flagship headphones’ for NAMM 2020…and there would be more posts about why Pro DJ Link ethernet port and whatever the Denon’s official name is for their Link port don’t talk to each other (but I digress) .

  2. Judging by the lineup for the INmusic Festival 2019, they don’t have the capital to buy an 800 million dollar company.

I would like to see Technics involving much deeper in the DJ equipment scene and try to put their hands on Pioneer DJ division. Then we will see how DJ equipment, in particular, and electronic equipment, in general, should look, feel, assemble and service.

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I don’t know enough about Technics as a company to comment, but on a related note, I’m ridiculously impressed with the Roland approach to making gear - and making it something other than a closed ecosystem (even though they easily could have gone that route with a Aira ecosystem). I had a TR-8 on loan from a friend, and ended up loving it and now I own a TR-8S and really really love it. I acquired a Roland Boutique TR-09 for peanuts. And after selling some gear I picked up a tb-03 and achieved my 90s teenage fantasy/dream of having an 808, 909, and 303 (sort of). But more importantly, this gear is massively accessible, useable, and interactive. Go Roland! But I think Roland is too smart to want to deal with PioneerDJ.

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I think the headline should have been “Pioneer DJ”. As others have said, the companies are only linked with a 15% stake.

Here’s a much clearer story…

lol lol lol lol - :slight_smile:

LOL good one :smiley:

Well, I was talking about this situation long time ago and nobody was listening. And now we have it…

What I think about it:

  1. If technics would get his hands on, we would get CDJ2000 nexus 3 - the same as nexus 2 but now with gold finish and 4x the cost.

  2. If Roland would take it, we would get cdj’s with step sequencer (like almost all rolands flagship controllers)

  3. Well if InMusic would take them…? This is the most interesting thing that would happen.

  4. Let’s not forget about Reloop - they are capable of doing great things already…

  5. Mostly possible situation is that a some sort of business giant would be taking over the share and the rest that is in KKR’s hands and maybe rearrange the pioneer dj. This would take maybe up to 2-3 years, but then we could see another new brand coming up based on the pioneer dj’s technology but with a lot of innovation. If not…? Then the brand will be slowly roll down in a line that is already going steep down for some time…

Pioneer DJ will be just fine for years to come and that’s because they have a solid foundation to build on, they possess the knowledge and expertise to do high quality, reliable and serviceable equipment that work well. They have no real competition at the moment, not even from Denon DJ. As for other equipment manufacturers like Numark, Reloop, Gemini Stanton or Omnitronic, who persist in manufacturing toys for kids and offering no real support for their products, they don’t have the power to ever compete at the same level with Pioneer DJ or Denon DJ, because they simply don’t have the pride and guts to do it.

It’s almost as though pioneer left the DJ scene 4 or 5 year ago when nexus 2 was done.

Since then they’ve showed nothing but just re-styled models of their older midi controllers.

Well, sometimes in takes a little bit of time to put together and properly test a competitive and innovative product before releasing it to the market. Who would prefer to see new products released year after year only to find himself being a guinea pig waiting for updates or sending the unit to service in order to fix something not working as it should from the start?

Music Tribe is another possibility. The djm800 reminded me of behringer. Thought they were made at the same factory at one time :laughing:

Ddm4000 you mean?