Input Voltage

Hi, I live in South Africa and want to purchase the Prime 4 through Amazon US. (it seems it will get here sooner and cheaper than waiting for local dealers to receive stock). Can anyone tell me if the input voltage will work on the South African 220 volts. I see the specs say input voltage 110-220 VAD, but I recently purchased some equipment from Amazon with the same specs, but when it arrived it was 100 -130 volts.

Hey DjAl

The Prime 4 can really do this. I’m sorry that you’ve had a bad experience where things are mislabeled. If it makes you feel more sure - Prime 4 has this info literally written right under the plug. See:

Hope that helps,


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Ah Cool, thanks so much for response. Order going in to Amazon right now. Goodbye to 12 years with Native Instruments.


Happy to clear things up.

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