Importing Itunes playlists to Engine Prime

I’m trying to drag playlists from Itunes into Prime but doesn’t work…do I have some setting wrong? Driving me mad…

I’m access Itunes from within the prime software but won’t drag up

Could we please have somebody from either denondj or Inmusic assist here as I saw another post on here regarding operative clashes between iTunes and EP and it received 0 replies/likes and absolute nothing as far as support is concerned which I do not agree with as there would be currrent vers EP users who are still using Mac OS X Mojave and iTunes.

Thanks Trafford.

The situation continues. There is a problem with compatibility between Catalina and Engine Prime.

I had to copy my ‘Tunes’ (replacement for ITunes in Catalina) files to desk top and then directly to memory stick. Painful

I didn’t think Engine Prime supported Catalina yet?

Contact me trough facebook i can help you out! catalina suported!

Don’t do facebook I’m afraid

Catalina is not supported officially yet, so nothing else to do than wait for it to happen.

Been told that they are working on it.

I have heard about some workarounds, but I dont like to jeopardize my musiccollection. They will tell us when its ready. :slightly_smiling_face: is catalina proof:-)

actually there is a solution:-)

Thanks djyuchi.

I’ll be honest and say I’m nervous if 3rd party conversion software. However I’m tempted.

Anyone else have experience of it?