Import Itunes Prime close

Hi, i have the problem that engine prime just close after updating the itunes database. After importing the Art the window just close. :frowning:

I have also the error that my drive “C” has an incorrect format and i have to reformat it!?!!? All my files are located on drive E. Why i get this error? I never had files on “C”.

Isn’t iTunes disappearing from Apples supported apps in a while?

Ok - iTunes import should work right now, but we might all need to ween ourselves from iTunes dependence soon anyway

iTunes is just becoming a separate app. Will have all of the same functionality. The new Music app won’t give access the same way that iTunes did but I’m pretty confident as Algoriddim (Djay) already does, other companies will figure it out just fine.

That’s better news than an all out “end of iTunes” then, which is the way some places were reporting it.

I’m sure that some will find the new variation of iTunes more usable, and some may find it less so… maybe a big percentage will find little to no change

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