If you double click the "load 《" button it overrides playing deck even when safety is on

If I try to load a song on top of an already playing deck I get the message “pause deck to load”, expected behaviour. But if I accidentally double click the load button it will override the playing song, load the track and stop the music. Also, it loads the song from the opposite deck, not the one I accidentally loaded. (Most importantly though it overrides the safety feature)

This must be a bug.

I think you experienced the Instant Double function.

But but but.


Is there some option I missed to turn that off because it wrecked my recording and it’s not ideal since in my primitive monkey brain I’ve already turned all that ■■■■ off…

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There is no parameter to turn off the “Instant Double” function. Furthermore, it is a function not even indicated in the User Guide: I only noticed its existence after having seen some videos on youtube that used it. :wink:

There really needs to be a user switch in the preferences for switching off the instant doubles Hidden shortcut feature - or indeed switching off instant doubles all together.

You can still make a instant double when clicking SYNC 2 times. So that feature could be taken off from the browser knob.

No way. I use the browser and load knob for instant double.

It’s the standard way across all gear (serato, rekordbox etc) that has instant double.

Yes to user option to switch it off, but they should not remove it from the load knob.



Curious that this “trick” is not mentioned in the user guide. Are there other secret commands unknown to new users? :grinning:

I agree too. I like it with the LOAD button twice.

So, a bug then…

Nope not a bug. Manuals and documentation is something that needs work.

Instant Double was implemented on the SC’s first, but at the moment it only can be found in the manual of the Prime2 (page8) en PrimeGo (page7).

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Hey Guys,

Thanks for mentioning this. Yes, Instant Doubles is an expected feature by double tapping the Load button (Smart Consoles & Media Players) or holding down the Sync button for 2sec (Media Players).

On the Media Players we offer two methods to accommodate standardized software and media player behavior.

We will have our User Guide updated to include this detail in the next revision. Thanks!

:rofl: :joy:

That’s why last night I was unable to instant double my Prime 4 by pressing the SYNC button twice: it is only valid on media players !! I risked breaking through the SYNC button by pressing it :crazy_face:

He said smart consoles, does that not include the Prime4?

Do you have instant double enabled in the settings?

@mufasa I didn’t explain myself well.

In my Prime 4 the “instant double” works perfectly by pressing the LOAD key twice.

When I knew that I could also do it by pressing the SYNC button, I tried to do this in Prime 4, but it didn’t work: I tried to press it 2-3-4 times, I tried to hold it for a few seconds (luckily not I took a hammer :grin:). Then luckily I discovered that only on Media Players it also works with the SYNC button; but on the Prime 4 it works only with the double press of LOAD.

Can I turn it off on prime 4?

No you can’t.

Mufasa asked is it enabled in settings…

Maybe he gets confused with the DJ players, because maybe they have the possibility to disable the function.


I didn’t read see the bit where it said Sync twice for the 5000/6000

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