If I upgrade my controller, should I upgrade my laptop also?

I have a fairly run of the mill laptop which I used with little issue on my SB2/3. Since upgrading to the P4 I have noticed some fading in and out when using serato/laptop combo…e.g. a transition which might be say 2 minutes, will need to be pulled back into line a few times whilst I’m messing with EQs. More annoying than anything!

My question is, if your upgrading you controller will the laptop need a bit more beef?

I’m not great at IT I know the basics I need lol

Spec in case it helps… Dell Intel Core i5 2.3ghz 8Gb Ram Windows 10

A laptop doesn’t do anything with or for the prime 4 during a standalone performance, only for show preparation. So, you don’t need a super fast laptop at home, to use a prime 4 as standalone at a gig.

If you’re planning on using a serato on a laptop and want a controller then the prime 4 is really sort of overkill for that and maybe the mc7000 might be better. If you really want a Prime4 for serato then you’re going to need quite a significant upgrade in laptop coz all that screen play and lots of buttons is going to drag a laptop quite a lot. More than just a blind controller with no screen, only a few controls etc

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Only reason I use serato is for the better record option. But as feared you where correct, lowering the latency in the settings of serato has freed up a bit of CPU I guess and it seems to be running smoother.

Put together some rather long transitions this set and it seems to be much tighter!

Nice. Shall I mark your post as solved?

Please mate :ok_hand:

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