Idiots guide to a full back up please

I recently lost my full libary on my internal 2Tb SSD whilst syncing following adding some new tracks, this was about 18000 tunes all in appropriate crates and caused me 3 full days of formatting and basically starting again, which I have now done and it’s gave me a good chance to tidy up. I had another drive with a good back up from my old 6000Mk2 Serato days. What I want to do is duplicate an exact copy onto a spare drive that I could quickly install at a Gig if similar happened out and about, is there an easy way to duplicate a drive where all the track will appear in crates as in the Prime 4 without physically removing removing the internal drive to do so, sorry guys but it needs to be in basic terminology…thanks…

Mac user here. I recommend Carbon copy Cloner

Source drive - P4 internal SSD

Destination Drive - new external SSD


You can leave the settings as default but I tweaked mine a little so it’s the exact clone

Thanks, that I can possibly achieve, it’s a bit like a belt and braces for me…

if you just want to clone the whole partition or disk, you don’t even need any additional program. you can simply use disk utility.

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Windows users can use robocopy. It’s a very powerful file copy utility. I use it to keep my back up usb drives in sync.

The basic syntax is:

Robocopy [source] [destination] /MIR

I can make a demo vid if there’s any interest.

Here’s some documentation on robocopy: