Icon styling

This might seem like a trivial one but seriously we are about to hit our second version of Mac OS with the newer squircle style icons yet Engine DJ is using a circle. Why not just adhere to the OS patterns/guidelines?

Denon have dated the application before it is even opened.

I’d prefer it if some things didn’t look like they were certified by Apple. Or Google


Well how bout if you want a different style icon due to whatever, it’s in you to change it for your personalisation. The default position should be to adhere to guidelines. Maybe you are not on a Mac but it looks (and the previous green one too, as well as Serato’s) stupid in the dock.

It’s true, I’m not using Macs and I haven’t been to bothered by icons specifically, but I’d also welcome any improvements to the theme.

So if you are not a user of MacOS why would you even comment on what would feel right on the OS, or even understand what constitutes a good UX on the platform. :man_facepalming: