I really need help with mapping my MC4000

Hey Guys, I really need assistance with mapping my denon MC4000 to EITHER numark cue or Virtual DJ 7.4.2. I realize the newer systems are meant to work with virtual 8, but i really dont feel like paying so much money for virtual or serato when i already have my favorite software with all my music. Please someone help and let me know if i can do it manually, if someone has a mapper already, or it isnt possible (preferably not the last option.) please let me know!


If you have Virtual 7.4.2, you can upgrade to 8 for free and it’s compatible with the 4000 out of the box.

It’s not possible to map the MC4000 for either Cue or VDJ 7 as they are not supported.

As above, if you have a Pro VDJ licence you can upgrade for free however if you are using LE or a cracked version then you will need to purchase either a Pro Infinity licence or subscription for the MC4000 to work with VDJ.