I’m getting issues from my mc6000 mk2

Hi, I’m using the mc6000 mk2 with the latest VDJ program - infinity. When I go to use it, I get multiple issues- No control of channel volume faders No sample pad No headphone cue No volume out put control on the master

So far I have done - Swapped the USB lead Uninstalled all drivers - installed Uninstalled Virtual Dj - then installed at default settings Tired it on another laptop

Could anyone steer me in the right direction to solve my issues - or where do i send it for repair (UK)

Many thanks, Ian

Sounds as though I am having the same issues.Have you tried firmware update? Mine won’t even connect to my controller.And while trying to use in whatever program fro music. As I have tried them all. This thing has something randomly not working in every different program. I am not impressed with this stupid thing. I can’t even use the thing

Where can I download the latest firmware?