I found out the hard way

Just FYI, so maybe nobody else makes this mistake. While using the latest version of Engine Prime (Mac update), I imported many Traktor playlists to the Engine Prime collection from the Traktor node and all the “load” cues were off just a bit from the grid analyzed by Engine Prime, so I adjusted them to the Prime grid. After doing that I updated some playlists in Traktor and when I went back to Engine Prime and looked at the Traktor node, the updates weren’t showing so I used the “update Traktor library” button which took a bit but eventually, the updates to the playlists showed up in the Traktor node. I went back to the Engine Prime collection and all the work I’d done adjusting the “load cues” was gone as if the 4 plus hours of work I did was never performed. This can’t be the way it’s supposed to work. I mean, if I update playlists in Traktor then they should either show up automatically in Engine Prime when I relaunch it OR by selecting the “update Traktor Library” it shouldn’t affect the Engine Prime collections cue points. Anyone else experience this?