Hyperlink text should be different colour on the forum

I noticed if i hyperlink a word or sentence it remains the same color as the rest of the text.

I think hyperlinks should be a different color eg Green (Denon color)

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Yeah agreed. I usually put the link in bold to see the difference.

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Not looking to start a feature request thread for this lol.

Great suggestion! I’ve made that update today along with a few other layout and navigation Improvements.


Testing testing testing

New Mix

:point_up_2:t5: :point_up_2:t5: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Nice mix @mufasa! I’ve just recently started working in Afro Beats into my open format sets. Great stuff for opening hours!

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Thanks :pray:t5:.

Afrobeats slaps hard and goes beyond Jo …jo … Joanna.