Huge difference in volume between vinyl and serato


Why is the volume of any digital files being played from within Serato significantly quieter than any external sources despite the level meters reading identical levels.

Gain in serato is just below peaking, gain on the Denon is just under peaking, the gain of the vinyl in the Denon is just under peaking, but yet the vinyl is much louder than serato.

Also, if you set the serato master volume to be at 0db (ctrl + click) it will go massively into the red and send the limiter into some kind of fit. I have to turn to master volume down way below 0 to avoid limiting.

This makes mixing between serato and external sources, while not impossible, totally illogical and a pain to do, becauee you either have to set the vinyl gain to be half way down the yellow bars (with usb being at the top) or have the channel faders partially up for vinyl.

I’ve tried usb volume in usb settings but this doesn’t appear to resolve either issue.

If I turn the serato master up to the same audible volume it’s basically just the red light district, the serato master never leaves the red…

Latest (platter bricking) firmware and latest version of serato, and Windows. Currently hardware reset to factory mc7000 settings…(including platters that only work in vinyl mode of you touch the case at the same time)

Any ideas?

Why not give denon more than a few minutes to respond to each of your multiple queries Especially as it’s the weekend , during a pandemic huh :thinking:

Or call them on Monday, or email .

They’re not forum based 24/7/365

And to change “volumes” or signal levels between different sources, just rotate the channel Gain controls either clockwise or anti-clockwise to match

Dude, I’ve got more than one issue and I was just replying to other people’s posts, in the hope that Denon might offer a solution if more people raise it, or as it’s a public forum - someone else might know, it’s a public forum where non Denon employees post too isn’t it?

I’m aware what day it is, but the issue that’s a real problem only started today… Which is why I’m posting today. That’s how forums work isn’t it, you post whenever and people respond whenever?

Also, I know how gains work… I’ve been DJing and producing for 25 years, but thanks :slight_smile:

Serato might be giving you auto gain of all its tracks , but physical sources won’t be. You will need to adjust the gains manually when including physical sources

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Auto gain is off… I’ve never had that on.

That could well be the issue then. In any DJ software it’s always advisable to have the auto gain on, so that your tracks play at a consistent level and are “maximized”.

It’s also worth asking - are you comparing like with like? What tracks are you playing in Serato? Are they old, new? The same tracks you have on the vinyl?

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I’m 99.99% sure it won’t be related to auto gain, because I’ve never used it with previous set ups either and also, to a degree it doesn’t matter what the gain is set to on the individual tracks within Serato, as long as it’s not clipping or so quiet the Denons channel gains can’t make it up later. You’re ultimately going to set the correct gains using the Denon.

Both the vinyl channel on the mc7000 and the usb channel on the mc7000 can have their channel LEDs as accurately matched as possible visually, but when you then raise the channel faders the vinyl will be significantly louder audibly (neither are clipping)

You can match the volumes audibly by increasing the master volume in serato (using a mouse) however, it will go into red on the serato master volume meter causing the limiter to come in way before the volumes are matched (audibly, according to the meters on the mc7000 they are the same) obviously there is no way to decrease the volume of the external vinyl input without using an incorrect gain structure and basically aiming for lower lights on the mixer.

This could totally be a serato issue, but I don’t recall it being an issue with serato before on various set ups, and I used to mix between digital and vinyl all the time (not so much now which is why I didn’t realise when I first got the mc7000)

It’s bizarre, you just can’t turn Serato up enough to compete with external sources, I wonder if there is something I’m missing, some hidden setting I’ve not seen.


Laptop volumes? There’s usually all sorts of daft virtual sliders, for applications, system sounds, browser volumes etc

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I have tried it mixing a 12" with a recording of the same 12".

I account for the fact that older recordings often aren’t limited as much as newer stuff, it’s not that

All windows settings that are still active are up full, all internal sources are disabled

Well for serato s sake you’ll just have to up the master volume out on the mc7000 and keep all the 7000 external sources incoming low, just to keep serato happy.


Ditch serato

The master volume on the Denon has no effect because it’s just controlling the volume of the master outs, it’ll increase both inputs the same and won’t have any effect on the booth or recording at all…

Yeah, I have started lusting for standalone players and ditching a laptop tbh (unrelated to this, I’m just bored of having a laptop in front of me)

You really should try using auto gain to see if it improves matters. There’s no shame in it. Nobody will know or care.

Also bear in mind that you’re comparing an analogue input with a digital. Analogue has headroom, digital doesn’t.

With digital 0dB is the absolute max ceiling, above which lies horrible distortion. Analogue on the other hand handles a “warm” signal gracefully. The metering is also different because of this.

Also Denon have possibly (probably) pulled back the levels on the digital input to avoid that nasty digital distortion, as they’ve done on the Prime 4 recording level that so many complain about. It’s a safety measure.

When you were comparing Serato with vinyl before (on different equipment presumably) was that with a Rane SL box? If so then your mixer was getting an analogue signal from both.

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