How to use simple sync

I’m trying to do a simple sync between 2 tracks. Playing track is at 99, next loaded track at 100. I want to tap sync on the 99 track to make it match 100 so I can quickly play at the new tempo. Very simple on my DDJ 1000SRT but can’t figure out how to do this on the Prime Go. Help!

Just click sync above the pitch fader…?

Or just press sync twice, to turn on, get the bpm and then turn it off again to mix like ever.

Have had it for over a year and used to work man, but they changed how it works.

Check if You have SYNC settings in the menu set to tempo, beat or bar. Sync needs just a single tap now

Yes checked that. Set to Beat. Still not working when I tap.

Can You make a video of what is happening?

I can. Can we post videos on here??

Sure, show us in detail what You do, and what is on the screen, we will do our best to assist You.

If needed I’ll do a quick vid of the DDJ1000SRT to show what I mean. Basically whatever deck I press CUE on immediately matches the opposite deck tempo. Simple.

Adjust deck A to approx 106 manually, then press sync on deck B

But I only want to move each track up by 1 or 2bpm at a time during my set…

So You should press the sync only on a track that you want to sync to the master. The track that is not a master will sync to another one. If the track is stopped - it will pass the master to the currently playing track.

So You need to have both tracks playing and press sync only on the track that You want to match up with the other.


I have seen your video and the operation is normal as it also happens on my Prime 4.

If I understand correctly what you want to achieve is to vary the speed of the track being played (for example the one at 99 BPM) and bring it to the same track as the new track which is instead stopped: all this is the opposite of what normally happens (in fact usually it synchronizes the new track with the one being listened to), but if you have this need it is possible to do it with a trick.

To do this, you have to make the new track (that is the stopped one) become LEAD: the simplest method is to have activated SYNC on the track that is playing and you have to move the pitch fader of the new track (the stopped one) a little. When you do that operation you will see that on the display you get the change of the LEAD which will become the stopped track (even if this doesn’t make sense to me, but it works like this). This will make sure that your old track syncs with the new track.

Otherwise you can switch the LEAD by pressing the big blue icon on the screen (SYNC LEAD): to display it you have to activate it in the user options.

Thanks my DJ. Not an ideal solution at all but appears to be the way this software works so just gonna have to live with it.

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